Guy starts a LP station in Concord.

Scott Fybush
Sun Feb 4 12:20:58 EST 2007

Dan Strassberg wrote:
> Somebody who knows more about this than I do (which, I think means MOST of
> the people on this list) needs to authoritatively confirm or deny this, BUT,
> I believe that if you can receive other classical music streams without
> dropouts on your home dialup connection, your dropout problem at home is
> probably NOT your dialup connection. 

Maybe, maybe not. I haven't looked to see what WCNH is doing for 
streaming, but if you're trying to access a high-bandwidth stream on a 
slow connection, you can easily end up with buffering problems that will 
result in audio dropouts. In that scenario, upgrading to a faster 
connection at home will make everything better.

As for keeping one's e-mail address, the easiest way is to buy your own 
domain name, as Messrs. Ross and Wollman can attest. It's incredibly 
inexpensive these days (I can't imagine paying much more than $10 a 
year), and that way you can change the underlying ISP as often as you 
want, while never changing the address you give out. I expect to be 
scott at fybush dot com for as long as our present naming conventions 
hold out.


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