Guy starts a LP station in Concord.

A. Joseph Ross
Sun Feb 4 00:00:00 EST 2007

On 2 Feb 2007 at 9:55, Ric Werme wrote:

> Even though I can get WCRB in the area and at home, the repetition of their
> popular _subset_ (not all pieces play 5 times a week!) means there will
> be a place for WCNH.  Besides, WCNH's "success" is more due to fundraising
> than ad sales.

I've been enjoying listening to WCNH in my office, where I have a DSL 
line.  At home, where I still have dialup, the streaming has constant 
drop-outs.  So I've been listening to other classical stations online 
which don't have that problem.  Right now I'm listening to Bayern 4 
Klassic from Munich.  I can't understand much of the announcements, 
but the music is great.  In the past I've also listened to BBC Radio 
3, but they seem to have changed the URL of their streaming, and I 
haven't gotten around to looking for them again.  I've also listened 
to classical music on WFCR and CBC Radio 1.

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