Guy starts a LP station in Concord.

Laurence Glavin
Fri Feb 2 16:21:27 EST 2007

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>That depends on how you define "the clasical audience".

>There are the *Glavinators.....and then there are the more 
>pedestrian who enjoy classical radio.

Or the audience for KING-FM.  In the last three months (preactically)
that WCRB was owned by Charles River, they got almost exactly the
same rating 12-and-over as KING-FM while the latter was playing some
lengthy works in full, recorded opera (the Met season hadn't started),
20th-Century music that WCRB would never play, and some vocal music
not related to the December 25th holiday...pretty much how I would
program such a station.  BULLETIN BULLETIN  they even scheduled a 
gigantic Bruckner Symphony (an Austrian composer not the clumsy
ballpayer) that I would only run on a Sunday night from 9:00 to 10:30 
NEVER on a weekday night!

>Most people enjoy hearing songs they recognize and like.

First of all...this came up on the board:
the term "song" doesn't quite apply to classical music even 
relatively short pieces.  Unbeknownst to many, composers of
symphonies, concertos and operas DID in fact write songs, but the
kind of station LEAST likely to play them is a very basic "classical
favorites" outlet like WCRB or KDFC.  Some pop radio stations will
probably have "greatest love songs of all time" programming around
February 14th;  they will probably overlook Beethoven's "Dedicated
to my loved one far away", Schubert's "Serenade" and Tchaikovsky's
"None but the lonely heart".   I may check KING-FM's playlist to
see if THEY play some of these pieces. 
And as to hearing only what they already like...what's the cutoff point?

*The "Saturday Night Live" guy who did that bit did not advance to a 
great post-SNL career.

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