Guy starts a LP station in Concord.

Don A
Sun Feb 4 01:15:34 EST 2007

Or the audience for KING-FM.  In the last three months (preactically)
that WCRB was owned by Charles River, they got almost exactly the
same rating 12-and-over as KING-FM while the latter was playing some
lengthy works in full, recorded opera

The exact same number 12+....but what were the demos? And what was the 

I would guess that the 'shorter works' allows WCRB to air more commercials 
more effeciently, thereby providing more revenue.

I am also going to guess that the WCRB formula provides for a younger demo 
than KING-FM, which again would result in more revenue.

> >Most people enjoy hearing songs they recognize and like.

First of all...this came up on the board:
the term "song" doesn't quite apply to classical music even
relatively short pieces.

And I suppose some people like "movies", while others like "film".

The "film" lovers would tell you theres a big difference.  ;-)

>>And as to hearing only what they already like...what's the cutoff point?

The cutoff point is where listership and profits go up!

>>*The "Saturday Night Live" guy who did that bit did not advance to a
great post-SNL career.

Never saw it....

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