Guy starts a LP station in Concord.

Dan Strassberg
Thu Feb 1 18:35:08 EST 2007

Well, nobody can accuse WCRB of being very adventurous in its music
selection. I would be quite interested to know the total number of
selections in their rotation. A few weeks ago, I guessed at 40 total. I
think the number is actually a little higher, but not a lot. There are so
many thoroughly familiar selections in the limited genre of old war-horses
that they play, I can't imagine that that they'd turn off any of the
listeners with ultra-conservative taste to whom they seem to want to cater
were they to double, triple, or even quintuple the play-list. I put myself
in the ultra-conservative category when it comes to classical-music
preferences and even I get bored with Pir Gynt twice a day. For starters,
how about the best of Trendall-Campbell-Muir (themes from the serials that
originated at WXYZ Detroit in the '40s): Finale from Rossini's Overture to
William Tell (Lone Ranger), Rimsky-Korsakov's Flight of the BumbleBee (Green
Hornat), Risnecek's Donna Diana Overture (Challenge of the Yukon). Talk
about war horses! I've not heard one of those in weeks of listening to WCRB.

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> On 1 Feb 2007 Dan Strassberg wrote:
> > I doubt that Methuen is in range of an LPFM in Concord NH, but I
> > believe that WCNH-LP both streams and posts its play-lists on line, so
> > we should soon get a report on the station's acceptability from our
> > world-be arbiter of taste in classical music.
> I haven't looked at the playlist, but I did turn off WCRB and listen
> to the WCNH streaming, and I've been enjoying it.  There have been
> some operatic pieces that I didn't like, but they didn't last long,
> and I'm enjoying most of what they're playing.  I also like the
> absence of loud intrusive commercials.  This has the feel of the old
> WBCN, and I like it.
> WCRB has been continuing its habit of playing the same stuff over and
> over again, and lately I've been getting tired of hearing the first
> movement to Beethoven's 6th symphony.  So while I'm delighted not to
> have to re-tune my radio several times a day, as I had to do at
> 102.5, I think I'm going to give the radio a rest and listen to WCNH
> for awhile.
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