Longstandiong WUNR Towers Down (No Scott Photos?)

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Laurence: As I have told you in at least three e-mails over the past
year or so, WUNR's signal to the north with the new 20 kW pattern will
be LESS than it was with the old 5-kW pattern. This signal reduction
is required by the ratchet rule to protect 1590 in Nashua,
notwithstanding that 1590 in Nashua now almost doesn't exist. It's
operating ND at low power from the site of co-owned 900. If the FCC
doesn't forget, at some point, I believe 1590 will either have to find
a way of getting a license (new CoL maybe) or go dark. (I don't know,
but I suspect that the STA operation does not meet CoL-coverage
requirements of Nashua even by day. The even-lower-power STA night
operation would be fine for a Class D AM licensed to Nashua because NO
nighttime coverage criteria exist for Class D AMs.)

WRCA is in the same fix with 1320 in Derry. It's new signals (both day
and night) from Sawmill Brook Parkway in Newton will be less than the
old 5-kW signal from South St in Waltham. In areas to the north and
northwest of the current Waltham site, WRCA will lose two ways: the
signals will be reduced AND the distance from the Tx will be greater.
Where I live, WRCA currently delivers more than 25 mV/m. The new
signals will be less than 5 mV/m. The loss in signal strength will be
much more than merely noticeable.

WTTT does not need to protect WMRD, the CT 1150, at night. WMRD is a
Class D; it's nighttime service is not protected from interference
from other stations.

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Aa few days ago, someone posting to radio-info.com mentioned that he
had noticed that only one
of the longstanding 300-foot WUNR towers was still standing, and this
was during daylight hours.
So even taking current gaas prices into account, since I was going to
be in the Route 128 area
down there anyway, I drove to 750 Sawmill Brook Parkway, and voila (a
little French lingo)
the only towers there now are the 199-or-so-foot jobbies built last
summer (remember summer?).
The only station broadcasting from that site is still WUNR-AM 1600, so
either they're still
running 5,000 watts into either the day or night pattern they will
use, or some other amount,
but almost certainly not the full 20,000-watts because the signal due
north at the junction of
routes 128 and 93 at midnight was about the same as before.  We may
have to wait until there's
an item at fcc.gov with a license to cover.
Yesterday and so far today, WTTT-AM has been running what is
apparently its nighttime
pattern even during daylight hours.  What's odd about that is that as
I headed north on
route 128 between route 1 and Trapelo Rd. in Waltham, there seemed to
be more nulls than
I recall before.  The longtime nighttime pattern for what was WCOP had
to protect
Rome, NY and some Canadian outlets, but the 1150 in Middletown CT came
later, and nighttime
operation there later still.  I don't see any application info for
WTTT, not even in the
Correspondence File, but is it possible they're making some change
anyway, and under the
"ratchet" rule, now have to protect Middletown, CT to an extent it
didn't earlier?

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