This whole Imus/Shock Radio thing.
Sun Apr 15 13:49:26 EDT 2007

Donna, every person you named came considerably AFTER Joey started doing it in the EARLY 60's!

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At 11:14 AM 4/14/2007, Roger Kirk wrote:
> wrote:
>>JUST LOOK what Joey Reynolds started, way back in the EARLY SIXTIES!
>>(I think HOWARD was still in GRAMMAR SCHOOL!)

Donna says:
Oh it goes back long before that--  the whole shock radio thing, as 
has been mentioned before, probably goes back to the days of the late 
Joe Pyne.  It's a mis-statement when people say the Fairness Doctrine 
prohibited shock radio-- alas, there was some long before the 
1980s.  Bill Ballance out in LA did a controversial sex-talk show 
(and I believe the soon-to-be Doctor Laura Schlesinger was his 
girlfriend at that time) in 1972, and Pyne was on the air in the late 
60s, if I recall correctly.

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