This whole Imus/Shock Radio thing.

Donna Halper
Sun Apr 15 14:00:36 EDT 2007

At 01:49 PM 4/15/2007, wrote:
>Donna, every person you named came considerably AFTER Joey started 
>doing it in the EARLY 60's!

On top 40 and popular radio, yes.  But I also mentioned in another 
e-mail that this was being done in the 1950s (I've got it as early as 
1951) by conservative/right wing churches and groups like the John 
Birch Society, which had syndicated shows (one critic called them 
nothing more than "Hate Clubs of the Air").  These shock radio shows 
were not on in a lot of markets and they weren't syndicated in all 
cases, but they were every bit as outrageous and said some pretty 
nasty things, all without any penalty.  They flew under the radar 
screen of the FCC more often than not.  

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