The Station nightclub plea deal

Sean Smyth
Thu Sep 21 15:30:46 EDT 2006

Bob Nelson <> wrote:
> OK, maybe we can back off the political talk. 

Maybe? We should. Let's remember that 97 people
not-connected-to-broadcasting folks also died, in addition to the three
mentioned earlier. I hope their deaths don't go in vain, like
apparently happened to the Coconut Grove victims 61 years later.

That said, I feel bad for Jeff Derderian to a limited extent. I don't
know exactly how hands-on he was in any decisions involved in the club,
since he was kind of busy with a successful broadcast career. The guy's
career now is toast, and I doubt anywhere east of the Rockies or north
of the Mason-Dixon would hire the guy and let him get back to what he
was doing -- doing well enough that he was able to walk away from a
top-10 TV market on his own terms, not the station's.

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