The Station nightclub plea deal

Bob Nelson
Thu Sep 21 14:30:09 EDT 2006

OK, maybe we can back off the political talk. However some discussion on WHJJ...
one caller said that since the Derderians went bankrupt, they probably
can't be sued,
so maybe the officials in West Warwick can. And if they can't afford to pay out
settlements, the state of R.I. may have to, etc.

Without a trial we may never find out whom was responsible, be it the
the local officials, etc....the company that sold them the foam may
rest easy knowing that the Derderians put it up themselves, which
means the foam manufacturer/seller can't be held
liable, etc.

Some laws were passed in various places across the country after both
the Coconut Grove fire and this one, and hopefully people will learn,
but that won't be any comfort to the victims
and their families. Crosses and memorials still exist at the site,
which I drove past a year or two ago, "lest we forget"...

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