Herald: Where have you gone Air America

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As I have said several times, you never can tell when 1470 is operating on
reduced power. You can't draw conclusions from a small number of

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> On 21 Sep 2006 at 2:45, Eli Polonsky wrote:
> > In addition to the intermodulation factor with also nearby WWZN that
> > Dan mentioned, the other possible reason would be in your radio. If
> > you have a modern digital car tuner, many of them have an automatic
> > attenuation circuit that reduces sensitivity when it receives
> > extremely strong signals, such as when driving nearby transmitters.
> Interestingly enough, when I drove to Lexington today, I didn't have
> any problem as I drove by the towers on Route 2, but somewhere on
> Waltham Street, just after I got off Route 2, there was a subdued
> hash on 1430, no problem on 1200.  Later, as I got closer to Route 2,
> there was some hash on 1200 for a short distance, but 1430 had
> cleared.  It was nowhere near as bad as it was in the past.
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