credit where credit is due

Don A.
Sun Sep 24 02:22:46 EDT 2006

> At 05:14 PM 9/23/2006, Daniel Billings wrote:
> >I think much of the criticism of Air America's performance is a reaction
> >the huge amount of hype that occurred when the network hit the air.  The
> >mainstream media made it seem like the network was the biggest thing to
> >happen in radio since FM.
Then Auntie "Donna Halper" <> said:
> Well, yes and no.  Based on what I saw nationally, most media critics
> were very skeptical-- 

Like Satelite radio, AA was getting much more ink than they deserved.
(By reading the papers, you'd think everyone was listening to XM or

AA seems to generate an inordinate amount of ink.

>>but just about all of them expected big things
> from Franken, given how well known he was as a comedian.  Alas, more
> often than not, his show wasn't funny, and that was part of the
> problem.  I think that's why many AAR stations tried to find a way to
> add in Stephanie Miller (who IS funny) and Ed Schultz (who is more of
> a populist and doesn't tend to rant).

Two liberals that appear to know how to be entertaining is Stephanie Miller
and Keith Olberman (now that his show is openly courting anti-O'reilly
factor viewers.)

Donna, I'd be interested in knowing your opinion of Randi Rhodes show...

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