MLB playoffs, NFL, Bruins...

Bob Nelson
Mon Sep 11 01:27:04 EDT 2006

On 9/10/06, Howard Glazer <> wrote:
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> Baltimore's probably your best bet. WFAN will have Mets postseason games,
> but the out-of-market games are exclusive to 1050 (WEPN), which doesn't put
> much of a signal into Hartford at night, let alone Boston.

Yes, WBAL, or maybe WPOP out of Hartford...WEPN might come in from time to
time up here, actually. In the past I could pick them up for late
afternoon/early evening playoff games, but isn't WBZ running IBOC or
something during daylight hours,
making a station like tough to get?...At nights sometimes you'd be
surprised what my
car radio can pick up--once in awhile, the 670 in Chicago (WSCR?) despite my
proximity to WRKO, and KDKA 1020 in Pitt. despite proximity to WBZ.

> Have the high school games that 'ESX and 'JDA used to carry ended up
> somewhere else this year? WBOQ? WNSH? I've always enjoyed scanning the AM
> dial and hearing all that HS football on Thanksgiving Day every year.

I think WBOQ is doing some Friday night football--once the Sox season
ends in a couple weeks, at least...Prob. not WNSH...but who knows.

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