MLB playoffs, NFL, Bruins...

Howard Glazer
Sun Sep 10 22:03:41 EDT 2006

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Subject: MLB playoffs, NFL, Bruins...

> ---I'm guessing major league baseball playoffs will once again be
> carried locally on WAMG 890/WLLH 1400 as part of ESPN. If the Red Sox
> pull off a major miracle (sigh) and make it in, those games of course
> will be on WEEI, but it looks unlikely for the Sox... (where I work,
> and I work nights, the ESPN stations don't really come in and I have
> to try and pick up a signal from NYC or Baltimore

Baltimore's probably your best bet. WFAN will have Mets postseason games,
but the out-of-market games are exclusive to 1050 (WEPN), which doesn't put
much of a signal into Hartford at night, let alone Boston.

> WESX and WJDA used to run some NFL games, but now that they're
> Spanish, I don't know...

Have the high school games that 'ESX and 'JDA used to carry ended up
somewhere else this year? WBOQ? WNSH? I've always enjoyed scanning the AM
dial and hearing all that HS football on Thanksgiving Day every year.


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