MLB playoffs, NFL, Bruins...

Bob Nelson
Sat Sep 9 12:57:30 EDT 2006

---I'm guessing major league baseball playoffs will once again be
carried locally on WAMG 890/WLLH 1400 as part of ESPN. If the Red Sox
pull off a major miracle (sigh) and make it in, those games of course
will be on WEEI, but it looks unlikely for the Sox... (where I work,
and I work nights, the ESPN stations don't really come in and I have
to try and pick up a signal from NYC or Baltimore and use one of those
mini FM transmitters, due
to major interference. While some may give up on baseball once Sox are
eliminated, I actually am still interested, right up to the last out
of the World Series.

But of course I get to see TV coverage on nights off!

--NFL games other than Patriots--where will they be? The other night
when the Steelers-Dolphins game was taking place, I was surprised to
find it on WEEI (Sox had night off). I had thought "probably ESPN, so
not on WEEI..." I guess Westwood One does at least some national
coverage--Sunday night, Monday night,
maybe even some Sunday afternoon coverage.

WEEI used to carry Monday night football but I can't remember if they
did it last year, or will this year...

WESX and WJDA used to run some NFL games, but now that they're
Spanish, I don't know...

-- Are the B's still with 'BZ? Haven't heard a peep about them going
to another station so I guess so.

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