Another delay story?

Brian Vita
Tue Oct 10 14:45:59 EDT 2006

Could this be an artifact of a crappy signal at your end?  I have digital
cable and the picture quality is fine.  I would suppose if you were at the
far end of the wire with lots of noise and packet loss, you'd get the
pixilation that you describe.  Have you ever had the cable company check
signal strength?

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> I have digital cable at home.  The picture quality is NASTY. All
> pixillated.  Some services more than others, but you can 
> definitely notice
> it.   Of course the sports services get the best bandwith I think.
> I'm surprised people aren't raising cain over this.  What 
> with all this
> "digital crystal clear pictures" and what not.
> -- 
> Stephanie Weil
> New York City, NY, USA

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