Another delay story?

Garrett Wollman
Tue Oct 10 14:40:57 EDT 2006

<<On Tue, 10 Oct 2006 13:30:49 -0400 (EDT), "Stephanie Weil" <> said:

> I'm surprised people aren't raising cain over this.  What with all this
> "digital crystal clear pictures" and what not.

The cablecos know very well how bad a picture the subs will tolerate.
There's no money in providing any better quality than that, unless it
would be cheaper.  (Some cablecos will remodulate broadcast DTV
signals into 256QAM without recompressing them, just because it's
cheaper.)  I expect carriage contracts for digital services include a
clause about acceptable quality and/or bandwidth.  If you're not
particularly sensitive to MPEG artifacts, you'll probably take the
absence of visible luma noise as "higher quality".


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