Changes Coming At WEIM?

Dan Strassberg
Sun Oct 1 20:36:07 EDT 2006

Supposedly, he acquired additional land adjacent to the existing transmitter
site with the objective of applying for a power increase, which might be
technically feasible with a more complex DA built on the new land. With more
power, WEIM might be able to serve northwestern parts of the Boston market
during the daytime. The question is whether such an attempt would enable the
station to derive any revenue from the Boston market. I think it would take
some very unusual circumstances for that to happen--programming in demand in
Boston that no station closer to the City was willing to carry.

Dan Strassberg,
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>   This past Friday (9/29) longtime WEIM (1280 Fitchburg) morning host Ray
> hosted his final morning show. Scott Fybush had reported in one of his
> recent NERW' that he would be moving to nights, which it appears will take
> place tomorrow (Monday 10/2), his new hours will be 6 to 8 PM
> along with a Sunday morning show from 9 to 11 AM. I don't know if Ray C's
> show in it's new time slot will be all music or the mix of talk and music
> that has been a mainstay of his long run in AM drive.
>    I went to check out WEIM's website to see if there was any more info as
> to who will be taking over the morning slot and found that they have a new
> url ( which is just showing a page touting the
> arrival of "AM 1280 The Blend" on 10/2/06 with a countdown clock showing
> hours and minutes left till the launch at 6AM Monday.
>   Seems that owner William Macek has big changes in store?
> Mark Watson

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