Changes Coming At WEIM?

David Tomm
Mon Oct 2 15:36:15 EDT 2006

As it turns out, the changes aren't that extensive, except for the lame 
moniker.  The new morning show, hosted by Ben Parker, appears to be 
more news & information based, as opposed the the full service approach 
Ray C took.  They still run Jim Bohannon and Howie, Ray C now does 
6-8pm and it's automated Hot AC the rest of the time.  Is there a 
negative reaction to the WEIM calls in the area that they had to bury 
them within this "1280 The Blend" moniker?  They are also using the 
"hits and information" slogan,  which seems like an 
anachronism--promoting music on AM.  Especially when there is a 50,000 
watt FM blowtorch in their backyard (WXLO/Fitchburg)  playing the same 
music.  Heck, if this is their cornerstone slogan, why didn't they just 
leave Ray C in mornings?  This makes no sense.  Macek may be setting up 
this station to be a full blown news talker once the new morning show 
gets established.  All he'd  have to do is fill the automated music 
hours with birdfed talk down the line.

Dave Tomm
"Mike Thomas"

On Oct 1, 2006, at 5:20 PM, Mark Watson wrote:

>  This past Friday (9/29) longtime WEIM (1280 Fitchburg) morning host 
> Ray C. hosted his final morning show. Scott Fybush had reported in one 
> of his recent NERW' that he would be moving to nights, which it 
> appears will take place tomorrow (Monday 10/2), his new hours will be 
> 6 to 8 PM Monday-Friday, along with a Sunday morning show from 9 to 11 
> AM. I don't know if Ray C's show in it's new time slot will be all 
> music or the mix of talk and music that has been a mainstay of his 
> long run in AM drive.
>   I went to check out WEIM's website to see if there was any more info 
> as to who will be taking over the morning slot and found that they 
> have a new url ( which is just showing a page 
> touting the arrival of "AM 1280 The Blend" on 10/2/06 with a countdown 
> clock showing the hours and minutes left till the launch at 6AM 
> Monday.
>  Seems that owner William Macek has big changes in store?
> Mark Watson

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