WCRB/WKLB switch Dec 1?

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Mon Nov 13 08:27:48 EST 2006

They'll probably let them know a few days in advance and will almost
certainly make announcements for a while after the switch has taken effect,
as in "If you tuned to 99.5 for country music, you'll find it now at 102.5
FM. And don't forget to reset the 'country' button on your car radio.
Remember, Boston's favorite classical number is now 99.5 FM" The
announcment on the other frequency will, of course, be the opposite. Another
possibility is a period of stunting on both stations--presumably with a
format that is neither country nor classical. I suppose that it might even
be a simulcast on both frequencies. I wouldn't expect the stunting to last
much longer than 24 hours.

I bet that advertisers on both stations have already been advised about the
protocol because some have contracted for spots that will be pre-empted by
stunting, if any, or have contracted for spots that, now, will be heard on a
frequency different from the one they thought they were buying. If the
stations' rate cards differ after the flip, there will likely be concessions
and make-goods. I presume that the radio industry has these protocols down
to a science. After all, frequency/format flips have been going on for a
long, long time. Those of us who are not in time sales would appreciate it
if some who are would explain the probable protocols.

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> How are listeners going to do that if they don't tell them the new
> frequency?

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