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A. Joseph Ross
Sun May 28 23:10:49 EDT 2006

On 28 May 2006 at 9:00, SteveOrdinetz wrote:

> I think they always did.  About the only instance I can think of where
> reviving old call letters was successful was with WJBQ in
> Portland...and given that (both times) they had a Top 40 format, I
> doubt the current listeners remember the "old" WJBQ which went away
> back in the 80s.  I also question how much heritage the WROR calls
> ever had to begin with...formatically the 98.5 incarnation was mostly
> AC, but all over the place presentationally.  I agree that whatever
> success 105.7 has had is more from finding their own niche as opposed
> to any "warm & fuzzies" from the calls. 

Call letters are essentially branding.  When the WROR 105.7 started, 
it was trying to capture the listeners who used to enjoy the old 
WROR.  They did what they could to re-create that ambiance to some 
extent, but then they were on their own.

Likewise, the use of the WMEX calls for an oldies station on 1150 
made sense, at a time when there was on other oldies station, and 
provided they actually did a much better job than they did in re-
creating the WMEX sound.  They had billboards and bumper-stickers 
proclaiming "WMEX is back!"  They could have created some excitement 
and made a successful station if they had done it right, if the 
migration of music formats to FM weren't quite so far along, and if 
WODS hadn't come along.  As is, they kept the format in some form for 
five years, and that ain't bad.

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