AM stereo WLYN

Sun May 28 09:00:43 EDT 2006

  Eli Polonsky wrote:

>After a decade or two goes by, I don't think reviving heritage
>calls and formats matters much to most listeners beyond us
>radio geeks. The current WROR is now doing fairly well in the
>ratings, but I think it would be doing the same regardless of
>the call letters. Todays listeners respond to the programming.

I think they always did.  About the only instance I can think of where 
reviving old call letters was successful was with WJBQ in Portland...and 
given that (both times) they had a Top 40 format, I doubt the current 
listeners remember the "old" WJBQ which went away back in the 80s.  I also 
question how much heritage the WROR calls ever had to begin 
with...formatically the 98.5 incarnation was mostly AC, but all over the 
place presentationally.  I agree that whatever success 105.7 has had is 
more from finding their own niche as opposed to any "warm & fuzzies" from 
the calls. 

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