WMEX (was AM stereo WLYN)

Glenn and Judy Spatola
Sun May 28 17:59:48 EDT 2006

At one time in the early 1960's the WMEX daytime line-up included BOTH Mel
Miller and Melvin X Melvin.  It was Fenway (mornings til 10) , then Mel
Miller (mid-days 10 to 2),  and Melvin X Melvin (2 to 6pm).   Dan Donovan
was not part of the schedule during that time.

As a 13 or 14-year old, I wrote to Mel Miller, and actually received a
reply.  I had asked him if Mel Miller was his real name, and he said it was.
Also, I think that he signed his letter: "Mel Miller, Program Director."

Looking back, I think J. J. Jeffrey was Melvin X at that time, and Mel
Miller was definitely a different voice, not the same (Good) guy.  That was
during the period when the Radio section of the Boston Sunday Advertiser
newspaper described WMEX and WBZ as stations with "highly identifiable air


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> > Wasn't JJ Jeffreys also one of the "Melvins"?  I know he was Fenway at
> > one point.
> I didn't know anyone other than Mel Miller was Melvin X.
> The same weekend that WMEX 1150 debuted, WROR 98.5 did a Rock & Roll
> Revival Weekend, with a number of the old WMEX and WRKO deejays.  Mel
> Miller used his own name and "Melvin X. Melvin" interchangeably, as
> well as the two show titles, "Gold Platter Show" and "Housewives' Hit
> Parade."
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