WMEX (was AM stereo WLYN)

Donna Halper
Sun May 28 18:24:47 EDT 2006

>Glenn wrote--
>As a 13 or 14-year old, I wrote to Mel Miller, and actually received a
>reply.  I had asked him if Mel Miller was his real name, and he said it was.
>Also, I think that he signed his letter: "Mel Miller, Program Director."

That was my understanding too-- the name may have been ethnic many years 
ago, but a lot of immigrants got their names shortened at Ellis 
Island.  And some, like the late Bob Clayton (real name Klayman, I think?) 
got told they had to change their name because their real name sounded 
(gasp) "too Jewish."

>Glenn also wrote--
>Looking back, I think J. J. Jeffrey was Melvin X at that time, and Mel
>Miller was definitely a different voice, not the same (Good) guy.

Tom Shovan (may he rest in peace) was one of the Melvin X's, as he told an 
interviewer in a 1983 book called "The Program Director's Handbook."  Tom 
was a big guy-- sometimes weighed up to 400 lbs-- and he worked in New 
England radio under a number of names...  

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