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A. Joseph Ross
Sat May 27 12:19:56 EDT 2006

On 26 May 2006 at 0:00, Eli Polonsky wrote:

> None of the Dan Donovan's made it over from the original 1510 
> WMEX to the mid-80's 1150 oldies incarnation. I don't think any 
> of the DJ's from the original 1510 WMEX actually made it to the 
> 1150 WMEX. The 1150 WMEX did start up their oldies fomat with 
> some known veteran area talent, but they were from different
> stations. I was just a weekend overnighter and other fill-in host
> calling myself "Eric Parker" for summer and fall of 1988 (and I was a
> satellite feed board-op there for two years before that).
My mistake.  I didn't pick up on the fact that you said 1150, not 
1510.  At times they seemed to be trying to recreate the old WMEX 
ambiance on 1150, but they didn't do it very well.  I do know of one 
of the old "WMEX Good Guys" who made it onto 1150 at least once.  One 
of the Fenways did an airshift for one Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  
Just a one-shot, though, and I don't know which Fenway it was.

I don't know why WMEX 1150 couldn't have used some of the old Deejay 
names, since they were station names and probably weren't owned by 
anyone.  They could have had a Dan Donovan, Fenway, or Melvin X. 
Melvin if they wanted to.  Or since by that time it was generally 
known that Mel Miller was Melvin X. Melvin, perhaps they could have 
created a new name, Melvin X. something else.  They did, 
occasionally, use the "WMEX Good Guys" slogan.

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