AM stereo WLYN

Eli Polonsky
Fri May 26 01:33:50 EDT 2006

--- "A. Joseph Ross" <> wrote:

> On 25 May 2006 at 3:34, Eli Polonsky wrote:
> > I was working at an AM stereo station (1150 when it was 
> > oldies WMEX) and I'm glad I had the Radio Shack tuner so 
> > that my shows could be recorded at home in AM stereo. 
> Which Dan Donovan were you?

None of the Dan Donovan's made it over from the original 1510 
WMEX to the mid-80's 1150 oldies incarnation. I don't think any 
of the DJ's from the original 1510 WMEX actually made it to the 
1150 WMEX. The 1150 WMEX did start up their oldies fomat with 
some known veteran area talent, but they were from different
stations. I was just a weekend overnighter and other fill-in host 
calling myself "Eric Parker" for summer and fall of 1988 (and I 
was a satellite feed board-op there for two years before that).

Eli Polonsky

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