AM stereo WLYN

Sat May 27 20:10:59 EDT 2006

A. Joseph Ross wrote:
>I don't know why WMEX 1150 couldn't have used some of the old Deejay
>names, since they were station names and probably weren't owned by
>anyone.  They could have had a Dan Donovan, Fenway, or Melvin X.
>Melvin if they wanted to.  Or since by that time it was generally
>known that Mel Miller was Melvin X. Melvin, perhaps they could have
>created a new name, Melvin X. something else.  They did,
>occasionally, use the "WMEX Good Guys" slogan.

Wasn't JJ Jeffreys also one of the "Melvins"?  I know he was Fenway at one 

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