What's up with HD Radio

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Fri May 19 16:21:38 EDT 2006

WILD, WXKS (AM) and WMKI are all running HD Radio and have been doing so for
several months. Of those three, WMKI started considerably before the other
two. I am confused about the situation at WKOX. WKOX is not running HD Radio
yet. I thought they would start when they got their new 10 kW solid-state Tx
installed in Framingham. But installing a new Tx in Framingham started to
sound like a questionable project when the City of Newton granted the
building permit for the WKOX/WRCA/WUNR triplex. Construction is now reported
to be underway at 750 Saw Mill Brook Parkway and it seems possible that WKOX
could be operating from Newton before the snow flies. If so, why bother with
a new Tx install in Framingham? However, Scott Fybush's Tower Site of the
Week this week suggests that WKOX IS pushing ahead with the install of a new
10 kW sold-state AM Tx at 100 Mt Wayte Ave. Does that mean that 100 Mt Wayte
will become WKOX's back-up site? It's kind of far from Newton. With Charles
River Broadcasting Co giving up the ghost, is there no possibility that 750
South St could become the backup site for WKOX, WRCA, and WUNR? There are
several reasons why that site seems much preferable to 100 Mt Wayte as a
backup for the three stations.

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> WILD-AM, WXKS-AM and WTAG have signed agreements and I
> believe they have systems in place, but I don't think they use 'em.
> Easy way to tell, though...just tune to their frequency during the day,
> then go one channel up or down.  If you hear a roar of white
> noise/static (on an analog radio) then they're running their HD digital
> carriers.

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