Soxless Boss

Doug Drown
Sun May 7 13:12:11 EDT 2006

Another source: Don't forget the local cable TV system.  We used to have
great AM reception locally until cable came along.


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> Cohasset / Hippisley wrote: (regarding varied receptions of certain
> signals)
> >> Many possible factors could be at work:
> 1.  Automobile ignition (and fuel pump) hash seems to have gotten worse
> over the years, ...(snip).  But almost everything in your house these
> days
> that uses electricity has a deservedly bad reputation -- microwave
> ovens; any device that uses a wall-wart; PC monitors and power supplies;
> plasma TVs; etc.
> 2.  Power line "leaks" from defective transmission system hardware are a
> major source of hash on the broadcast band.  (snip)
> 3,  Although fairly rare, it's worth keeping in mind that when the
> maximum usable frequency (MUF) is low enough, there can be a "skip zone"
> on the AM broadcast band -- (snip)
> 4.  Lack of diversity reception is another factor.  (snip)
> 5.  Finally, local terrain characteristics may cause localized "dead
> spots" in the coverage areas of stations.  Moving to a new home may
> help.... :-)    <<
> And, if you really want to receive a particular over-the-air signal
> while in your car, turn off your cellphone.  Amazing how much is
> actually coming from a phone that's on but not in use.
> My vehicles' radios and tv's in the house actually "buzz" when there's
> an incoming call - and always do so before the phone actually rings.  My
> wife leaves her phone on silent many times, but thanks to the buzzing on
> the tv set, I can let her know she has a call.  She thinks I'm
> omnicient.  Please, don't tell her as this is about the only thing I do
> correct, lately. ;-)
> Our station's vehicle is a PT Cruiser that has a very nicely-designed
> dc/ac conversion system with additional amps for remote broadcast use.
> A cellphone in-use in that car renders the radio useless.  We have to
> use the kill-switch on the speakers or else we'll only hear the constant
> bleats and blats of electronic hash out of the radio.
> - -Chuck (can't hear BZ near Nat'lSemiconductor in SP, Maine) Igo

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