Soxless Boss

Dan Strassberg
Sun May 7 12:39:40 EDT 2006

If you get WCBS well, you also should get WFAN 660 well. The two stations
are diplexed from the same tower. The tower is electrically shorter at 660
than at 880, but 660 should still bomb in. 1520 is WWKB now and has been for
more than three decades, I believe. 1530 is once again WCKY, its legacy
calls, after a number of years as WSAI (legacy Cincinnati calls--but on
1360). I am surprised that you didn't also list WTAM 1100, WLW 700, WHAS
840, and WTWP (ex WTOP) 1500. All should put killer night signals into
central New York. Another pretty decent night signal in central New York
ought to be WRVA 1140. WGY 810 puts a very respectable groundwave into Utica
and is likely listenable all day in Syracuse on a good receiver unless local
noise sources preclude it. Something similar is probably true with WHAM 1180
(except the roles of Utica and Syrcause would be reversed).

Dan Strassberg,
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> Nevertheless, at both ends of the house, the consistently big nighttime
> signals include 1130 (Bloomberg NYC), 1090 (WBAL), 880 (NYC), 1020
> (KDKA), 770 (NYC), 1060 (KYW), 1080 (WTIC), 1520 (WKBW -- or is it WBKW
> these days?), and 1530 (?).  Of these, the selective fade can be
> extremely irritating on all except 1130 and 880.  For whatever the
> reason, those two stations just don't seem to suffer as much in this
> part of the state from selective fade -- whether at one end of my house
> or the other, or in my car between here and Utica, 60 miles to the south.
> Bud Hippisley

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