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Chuck Igo
Sun May 7 09:12:49 EDT 2006

Cohasset / Hippisley wrote: (regarding varied receptions of certain

>> Many possible factors could be at work:
1.  Automobile ignition (and fuel pump) hash seems to have gotten worse 
over the years, ...(snip).  But almost everything in your house these
that uses electricity has a deservedly bad reputation -- microwave 
ovens; any device that uses a wall-wart; PC monitors and power supplies;

plasma TVs; etc.
2.  Power line "leaks" from defective transmission system hardware are a

major source of hash on the broadcast band.  (snip)
3,  Although fairly rare, it's worth keeping in mind that when the 
maximum usable frequency (MUF) is low enough, there can be a "skip zone"

on the AM broadcast band -- (snip)
4.  Lack of diversity reception is another factor.  (snip)
5.  Finally, local terrain characteristics may cause localized "dead 
spots" in the coverage areas of stations.  Moving to a new home may 
help.... :-)    <<

And, if you really want to receive a particular over-the-air signal
while in your car, turn off your cellphone.  Amazing how much is
actually coming from a phone that's on but not in use.
My vehicles' radios and tv's in the house actually "buzz" when there's
an incoming call - and always do so before the phone actually rings.  My
wife leaves her phone on silent many times, but thanks to the buzzing on
the tv set, I can let her know she has a call.  She thinks I'm
omnicient.  Please, don't tell her as this is about the only thing I do
correct, lately. ;-)

Our station's vehicle is a PT Cruiser that has a very nicely-designed
dc/ac conversion system with additional amps for remote broadcast use.
A cellphone in-use in that car renders the radio useless.  We have to
use the kill-switch on the speakers or else we'll only hear the constant
bleats and blats of electronic hash out of the radio.
- -Chuck (can't hear BZ near Nat'lSemiconductor in SP, Maine) Igo

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