Worcester Tornadoes Radio Network

Mark Watson markwats@comcast.net
Sat Mar 25 19:34:46 EST 2006

   According to an article in the 3/23 Worcester Telegram & Gazette, the 
Worcester Tornadoes (Can-Am Baseball League) has a new radio network in 
place for the 2006 season. The stations on the network are: WCUW (91.3 
Worcester-65 games) and WTAG (580 Worcester-27 games). WTAG is the Red Sox 
affiliate in Worcester and the 27 Tornadoes games they will carry are on 
dates that won't conflict with the Sox. All 92 Tornadoes games will air on 
WESO (970 Southbridge) WGAW (1340 Gardner) and WBNW (1120 Concord). The 
Tornadoes are buying the airtime on all the stations and will control the 
majority of the advertising inventory & revenue. The article also mentions 
that WCUW will air PSA's in lieu of the commercials airing on the other 

   The article also states that Tornadoes are accepting "tapes & resumes" in 
their search for a new broadcast team for this season. last season the 
Tornadoes games aired on WCRN (830 Worcester) but the team did not return to 
WCRN this season, claiming they were "less than pleased" with how WCRN 
handled game broadcasts.

Mark Watson 

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