New England classical stations

Laurence Glavin
Sat Mar 25 15:00:19 EST 2006

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> Quoting Doug Drown <>:
> > If WCRB and WFCC's new owners drop their classical formats, will that leave
> > Nassau's "Maine Classical Network" stations as the only commercial stations
> > in New England to continue that format?
> > -Doug
> Yes.
> Bill O'Neill

It's interesting that one of the radio stations on this website
has the call letters WLVB.  When I see 'LVB' I think of 
Ludwig Van Beethoven.  I don't know if you're aware that
corporations on the New York Stock Exchange occasionally
use 3-letter stock symbols that DO NOT reflect their listing
name.  One of these is Steinway Piano.  Their stock symbol is
not something like 'SPO', but instead is 'LVB'.  That's because
the greatest body of music for that instrument is not by Bach,
Mozart or's the 32 Sonatas and the "Diabelli
Variations" by Beethoven (ok not all of the 32 sonatas are
up there, but the last grouping 28 thru 32 are in a universe
of their own.)  The classical station in Los Angeles uses the calls
KMZT (Mozart);  and the FM's in Southern Maine use call letters that
cryptically mention Bach.  If WLVB ever drops those calls,
a classical station, commercial or non-commercial should snap
them up.


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