Worcester Tornadoes Radio Network

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While we're on this subject: I noted in your post, Mark, that WTAG is the
Red Sox affiliate in Worcester.  I moved from the area 30 years ago and it
was the Sox station for central Massachusetts not only way back then, but
long before --- since the early '60s.  I'm wondering two things: has that
affiliation been consistent since I've been gone, and if so, is this a
record, or are there other stations that have been Sox affiliates for that
many years or even longer?  Anyone know?


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>    According to an article in the 3/23 Worcester Telegram & Gazette, the
> Worcester Tornadoes (Can-Am Baseball League) has a new radio network in
> place for the 2006 season. The stations on the network are: WCUW (91.3
> Worcester-65 games) and WTAG (580 Worcester-27 games). WTAG is the Red Sox
> affiliate in Worcester and the 27 Tornadoes games they will carry are on
> dates that won't conflict with the Sox. All 92 Tornadoes games will air on
> WESO (970 Southbridge) WGAW (1340 Gardner) and WBNW (1120 Concord). The
> Tornadoes are buying the airtime on all the stations and will control the
> majority of the advertising inventory & revenue. The article also mentions
> that WCUW will air PSA's in lieu of the commercials airing on the other
> stations.
>    The article also states that Tornadoes are accepting "tapes & resumes"
> their search for a new broadcast team for this season. last season the
> Tornadoes games aired on WCRN (830 Worcester) but the team did not return
> WCRN this season, claiming they were "less than pleased" with how WCRN
> handled game broadcasts.
> Mark Watson

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