Herald Inside Track: Might Sox buy 99.5?

Peter Murray pete@partnercomm.com
Fri Mar 17 13:55:06 EST 2006

Garrett Wollman wrote:
> A car radio is far, far better than anything portable, particularly on
> FM.  The RF off the Pru is more than enough to blow away the front end
> of any Walkman or similar personal radio (and Sony in particular
> builds "barn door" FM front ends). 
This past Christmas, I bought my wife a new Sandisk Sansa MP3 player - a 
device that features not only the ability to expand the capacity via 
Secure Digital cards, but a built-in FM tuner.

I have never used an FM tuner on a little device like that worked as 
*well* as did this one. From my parents' house on a hill just west of 
Harrisburg, PA, I could sit inside looking out the southern windows and 
listen to 91.5 (WBJC - Baltimore), 90.9 (WETA - Washington DC), 88.5 
(WAMU - Washington DC) and others with no trouble, despite strong 
first-adjacent signals. Excellent combination of selectivity and 


Peter Murray (N3IXY)
Vienna, VA

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