WMGX Portland to Flip Formats

Andy Soule andysoule@gmail.com
Sat Mar 11 00:52:16 EST 2006

How has Saga become the largest radio operator in Maine?  CC and Citadel 
each have twice as many stations.  Is it largest ratings?  Highest billing? 
Widest waistlines?  Maybe they should cancel the donut trade.

Is Randi Kirshbaum still there, or did she go out with the tide?

For those of you upset with all the new branding slogans, remember 
consulants have families to feed too.  They can't bill nearly as much if 
they can't impose as much gibberish as a college graduate with a new 
marketing degree.

Radio Stations that have to re-invent themselves are guilty of losing touch 
with their audience.  Now they have to pay the piper and find one again.  I 
hope the money they saved in the process of losing that connection was worth 
the expense now of starting over.  This happens way too often, and it's 
about time the bean counters who are often the cause of it had their noses 
rubbed in it.

Now lets all give Saga a round of applause for at least doing the market 
study and not bringing in JACK-FM.

Andy Soule

P.S. I hope those of you in Portland are enjoying Free Beer and Hot Wings. 
I heard them 5 years ago in Knoxville before they got syndicated, and they 
were really good then.  In fact, the station they left (ironically also 
called the Bone) flushed almost overnight.

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> Portland Radio Group, the largest radio operator in Maine, is Coast
> 93.1, Newsradio 560 WGAN, Today’s Country 101.9 WPOR, Oldies 100.9
> WYNZ, Imus in the Morning 970 WZAN, and Music of Your Life 1400/1490
> The Bay.

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