WMGX Portland to Flip Formats

Bill O'Neill billo@shoreham.net
Fri Mar 10 20:24:06 EST 2006

R Trovato wrote:
> I also never get names like "The Mill".  For someone who's parents worked in
> some of the mills...the name conjurs up negative thoughts to me.  
That station can really spin a yarn. Should be a talker.
> Whenever I
> hear "The River", I think of the stinky old Merrimack River, with an
> occaisional tire floating downstream.
Flush twice. It's a long way to Lawrence.
> "Coasting thru the Workday".
Ouch. How that for a career limiter. Nearly as nefarious as referring to 
snow as "the white stuff." 

Bill O'Neill

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