WMGX Portland to Flip Formats

Doug Drown revdoug1@verizon.net
Sat Mar 11 14:23:42 EST 2006

While CC and Citadel own more stations in Maine than Saga, I think Saga may
have the largest concentration of stations in a single market.

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> How has Saga become the largest radio operator in Maine?  CC and Citadel
> each have twice as many stations.  Is it largest ratings?  Highest
> Widest waistlines?  Maybe they should cancel the donut trade.
> Is Randi Kirshbaum still there, or did she go out with the tide?
> For those of you upset with all the new branding slogans, remember
> consulants have families to feed too.  They can't bill nearly as much if
> they can't impose as much gibberish as a college graduate with a new
> marketing degree.
> Radio Stations that have to re-invent themselves are guilty of losing
> with their audience.  Now they have to pay the piper and find one again.
> hope the money they saved in the process of losing that connection was
> the expense now of starting over.  This happens way too often, and it's
> about time the bean counters who are often the cause of it had their noses
> rubbed in it.
> Now lets all give Saga a round of applause for at least doing the market
> study and not bringing in JACK-FM.
> Andy Soule
> P.S. I hope those of you in Portland are enjoying Free Beer and Hot Wings.
> I heard them 5 years ago in Knoxville before they got syndicated, and they
> were really good then.  In fact, the station they left (ironically also
> called the Bone) flushed almost overnight.
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> > Portland Radio Group, the largest radio operator in Maine, is Coast
> > 93.1, Newsradio 560 WGAN, Today’s Country 101.9 WPOR, Oldies 100.9
> > WYNZ, Imus in the Morning 970 WZAN, and Music of Your Life 1400/1490
> > The Bay.
> >
> >
> >
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