Transcription record question

Mission Control
Tue Mar 7 23:14:52 EST 2006

What it comes down to is this... this 12" transcription is a bit of an "experimental" recording, or rather, a homemade recording. I'm not too sure how much thought or equipment went into the actual process.

Without going into (any) detail, I did, in fact, put a needle to the record.

On the "A" side are two distinct bands. The outermost band plays from the outside in, at 78rpm. It's a man singing accompanied by a piano. Carl Stalling? Not sure. But just as the song is closing, the band comes abruptly to an end. The second band - like most transcription records of the time - plays from the inside out, but at 33rpm! *This* is the band that has several Mel Blanc voice characterizations. Several stops and starts in the recording process are evidenced throughout.

However, I believe that the *real* gem is the "B" side. This side has what seems to be Carl Stalling and his wife taking "noisemaking" items from their house and playing them (metronome, alarm clock, grandfather clock, their dog Budgie(?), etc). This too, plays from the outside in, though I've already forgotten at what speed. (I've got it written down on the cd cover though).

Yes, it's on compact disc. Yes, I'm going to give it "the ol' one – two, three times" (as my grandfather would say). Modern technology is a wonderful thing... when it works! I'll probably also give the disc to a trusted pro to see what he can do with it.  

Thanks to you all for your suggestions!


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