Bootleg FM station East Corinth Maine

Eli Polonsky
Wed Mar 8 04:20:19 EST 2006

Because many of these Sirius tranceivers come tuned to 88.1, WMBR
has been receiving reports of interference from listeners mainly in 
cars when driving near another car that's using one.

I've heard the phoenomenon a few times myself while driving around
in the city. WMBR will briefly get cut out by a Sirius channel while the 
car with the driver listening to the service goes by.

There also appears to be one on 91.7 right around the area of Beacon
St. and Park Drive, between Kenmore Square and the Brookline line.
It's only audible for a couple of blocks, but I speculate that maybe a 
B.U. student may have set that one up to entertain some of the dorms 
near that intersection. I've heard that one there a few times.

Eli Polonsky

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