Bootleg FM station East Corinth Maine

Dan Strassberg
Mon Mar 6 14:00:49 EST 2006

Don't you suppose that the most likely explanation is that the medical
practice has an XM receiver near a south-facing window and it's connected to
an FM transmitter that sends an 88.3 signal, which is picked up by FM radios
in several parts of the facility. The receptionist probably is responsible
for selecting the XM channel that the most staff and patients feel
comfortable with (or at least don't complain about too loudly). I would
think, though, that the most innocuous music would be easy listening.
Surely, XM must have an easy-listening channel (or several of them). I don't
know whether WJTO is listenable in the part of Maine where you were, but if
it is, they could have easy-listening music for free. And no hassle with
finding the best channel--WJTO has only one channel. Since WJTO's music is,
AFAIK, pretty much like WJIB's, I would think WJTO would be about as good as
it gets for a medical practice--especially one that performs painful
procedures. Listen to the music for 10 minutes and most people (including
the doctors and nurses) will be out like a light. Maybe that's the
problem--the doctors and nurses have to stay awake.

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> I didnt know that. What was interesting was that I
> originally heard a bootleg signal on 88.1 stereo for a
> few minutes, and it did have a brief announcement
> IDing as XM channel 24, but then the station
> disappeared. Also, the 88.3 stereo signal played 3
> rock songs in a row, then the format changed a number
> of times, as if someone was changing the station on
> their radio. Total time listening to the 88.3 signal
> was an hour.
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