Bootleg FM station East Corinth Maine

Chuck Igo
Mon Mar 6 16:18:52 EST 2006

On 06Mar06, Richard wrote:
>>I didnt know that. What was interesting was that I
originally heard a bootleg signal on 88.1 stereo for a
few minutes, and it did have a brief announcement
IDing as XM channel 24, but then the station
disappeared. Also, the 88.3 stereo signal played 3
rock songs in a row, then the format changed a number
of times, as if someone was changing the station on
their radio. Total time listening to the 88.3 signal
was an hour.  <<

One other thought - is it possible to run an XM signal through a
wireless router such as those we use for our home pc's?  Or is it
possible that a wireless router was running the online XM feed (if there
is one available - I wouldn't know) to other computers in the house?
And this is a great example of how Arbitron's proposed electronic
monitoring/ratings system will more truly reflect radio listening
habits.  Sounds like the TSL for you listening to the stray signal far
outweighed the XM listener's attention span on any one format/channel.
Either that, or the XM people are far less patient with formats &
desired results vis a vis TSL than conventional radio.  Listener:
"what's your format now?"  PD: "what time is it?"

- -Chuck (no subscription needed) Igo

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