Bootleg FM station East Corinth Maine

Bill O'Neill
Mon Mar 6 13:53:07 EST 2006

Quoting Richard Gallison <>:

> I didnt know that. What was interesting was that I
> originally heard a bootleg signal on 88.1 stereo for a
> few minutes, and it did have a brief announcement
> IDing as XM channel 24, but then the station
> disappeared. 

Very interesting. All of those Sirius and XM mini-repeaters tooling all over the
fruited plain.  Are there firm specs on RF for the modulators?  I would imagine
that in a city with a growing number of vehicles that it could be conceivable
that critical mass could be achieved in certain pockets.  Unintended consequesces? 

I am still undecided on a satellite radio subscription in the first place. If I
do, I think I'll lean XM. I'll probably give it another year and hear/see what

Bill O'Neill

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