"That Wascally Wabbitt" No More

John J. Francini francini@mac.com
Sun Mar 5 01:47:51 EST 2006

Interestingly, the web site page, located at 
<http://www.wcrb.com/entertainment/cartoonfest.asp> makes no such 
reference to "final".

We'll see what happens...

As a huge WB cartoon fan, I'll definitely be going...


At 14:34 -0500 3/4/06, Laurence Glavin wrote:
>I went to one of this week's performances by the Boston Symphony
>Orchestra, and noticed something interesting in the program
>booklet they distribute to patrons.  This booklet, like
>so many offered to people attending plays and concerts, includes
>information about the works being performed, and in the case
>of choral works, the text of the music being sung.
>(Note:  NEVER read the words to Beethoven's Ninth Symphony
>if you go to a live performance even though they turn up the lights;
>it makes you look like a philistine. It's assumed EVERYBODY knows THAT
>text!) It's also replete with ads that are actually a significant
>source of revenue for arts organizations. On page eight of this
>weekend's BSO booklet, was a full-page ad for WCRB's "Classical
>Cartoon Festival" on Saturday April 1st...yes April 1st.  They will be
>showing a number of Warner Bothers(tm) cartoons that employ classical music
>scores.  Over in one corner of the ad appears this note: 
>"8th and Final Festival!"   Many people don't follow the
>the vicissitudes of the radio business as we do and may not
>be aware that the South Street Snoozer is in the process
>of being sold...this blurb therefore may be news to some reading
>the ad!  Maybe they'll be aware that AOL/Time-Warner is in a
>state of turmoil and may conclude that perhaps WCRB lost
>the rights to the WB 'toons.  But anyway, it is in fact
>an early-warning of the day FM channel 273 flips to
>reggaeton or something else!
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