"That Wascally Wabbitt" No More

Laurence Glavin lglavin@lycos.com
Sat Mar 4 14:34:41 EST 2006

I went to one of this week's performances by the Boston Symphony
Orchestra, and noticed something interesting in the program 
booklet they distribute to patrons.  This booklet, like
so many offered to people attending plays and concerts, includes
information about the works being performed, and in the case
of choral works, the text of the music being sung.
(Note:  NEVER read the words to Beethoven's Ninth Symphony
if you go to a live performance even though they turn up the lights;
it makes you look like a philistine. It's assumed EVERYBODY knows THAT
text!) It's also replete with ads that are actually a significant
source of revenue for arts organizations. On page eight of this
weekend's BSO booklet, was a full-page ad for WCRB's "Classical
Cartoon Festival" on Saturday April 1st...yes April 1st.  They will be
showing a number of Warner Bothers(tm) cartoons that employ classical music
scores.  Over in one corner of the ad appears this note:  
"8th and Final Festival!"   Many people don't follow the 
the vicissitudes of the radio business as we do and may not
be aware that the South Street Snoozer is in the process
of being sold...this blurb therefore may be news to some reading
the ad!  Maybe they'll be aware that AOL/Time-Warner is in a
state of turmoil and may conclude that perhaps WCRB lost
the rights to the WB 'toons.  But anyway, it is in fact
an early-warning of the day FM channel 273 flips to
reggaeton or something else!


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