Globe: Deal could keep WCRB classical (on 99.5)

A. Joseph Ross
Wed Jun 28 00:08:49 EDT 2006

On 27 Jun 2006 at 13:59, Matthew Osborne wrote:

> Okay, so lets speculate for a minute that this deal does, in fact,
> go through and all changes mentioned here occur.  Doesn't that blow
> apart the whole driving philosophy of having WKLB and the country
> format on 99.5 - that 99.5 covers an area where more country music
> fans are likely to be as opposed to downtown Boston?  This concept
> has even been verified here on this list by Greater Media
> employees.  

Well, if they can get a better signal into Boston and still cover 
their North Shore territory, why not?  I think the 102.5 signal 
probably covers all of the 99.5 territory north of Boston, or at 
least all that they are concerned about.

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