Globe: Deal could keep WCRB classical (on 99.5)

Laurence Glavin
Tue Jun 27 17:34:30 EDT 2006

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> Subject: Globe: Deal could keep WCRB classical (on 99.5)
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> "If all goes as planned, local classical music fans will be able to
> keep listening to their favorite radio programming on WCRB-FM. But
> instead of tuning into 102.5 as they now do, they'll turn to another
> frequency on the FM dial, 99.5...The Globe has learned that Greater
> Media is in negotiations to sell its 99.5 frequency -- currently
> country music station WKLB-FM -- to New Jersey-based Nassau
> Broadcasting. Greater Media would retain the WKLB call letters and
> country music format and switch them to 102.5, a stronger signal in
> Boston, said Heidi Raphael, Greater Media's director of corporate
> communications. In turn, Nassau hopes to launch a classical music
> format on 99.5 -- and then apply to the Federal Communications
> Commission for the WCRB call letters."
> Article says sale expected to be completed next month.

Greater Mediocrity of course is jettisoning WCRB's dreary, 
droning, dreck because, in spite of its ratings "success", the
recent decline in its revenue (much less profit) wouldn't be
nearly enough to pay the nut on the station's purchase
price.  So how could Nassau, paying somewhat less for
99.5, but still in the tens of millions, generate enough 
revenue to pay ITS nut if it retains the South St. Snoozer's
format on a signal that will be spotty in The City?


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