Globe: Deal could keep WCRB classical (on 99.5)

Scott Fybush
Tue Jun 27 17:43:47 EDT 2006

> Greater Mediocrity of course is jettisoning WCRB's dreary, 
> droning, dreck because, in spite of its ratings "success", the
> recent decline in its revenue (much less profit) wouldn't be
> nearly enough to pay the nut on the station's purchase
> price.  So how could Nassau, paying somewhat less for
> 99.5, but still in the tens of millions, generate enough 
> revenue to pay ITS nut if it retains the South St. Snoozer's
> format on a signal that will be spotty in The City?

Why, they'll make it up in volume, of course!

Remember that WCRB/World Classical Network already provides the 
programming for the four "W-Bach" stations Nassau owns in Maine, and 
it's likely that Nassau will end up with WFCC on Cape Cod as well by the 
time the dealing's done. So the theory would seem to be that the $$ 
being spent for WCRB will also bring Nassau a source of programming that 
it can use on other stations (the company's saying as many as ten more) 
in years to come.


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