Globe: Deal could keep WCRB classical (on 99.5)

Laurence Glavin
Tue Jun 27 17:48:44 EDT 2006

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> > Greater Mediocrity of course is jettisoning WCRB's dreary, 
> > droning, dreck because, in spite of its ratings "success", the
> > recent decline in its revenue (much less profit) wouldn't be
> > nearly enough to pay the nut on the station's purchase
> > price.  So how could Nassau, paying somewhat less for
> > 99.5, but still in the tens of millions, generate enough revenue 
> > to pay ITS nut if it retains the South St. Snoozer's
> > format on a signal that will be spotty in The City?
> Why, they'll make it up in volume, of course!
> Remember that WCRB/World Classical Network already provides the 
> programming for the four "W-Bach" stations Nassau owns in Maine, 
> and it's likely that Nassau will end up with WFCC on Cape Cod as 
> well by the time the dealing's done. So the theory would seem to be 
> that the $$ being spent for WCRB will also bring Nassau a source of 
> programming that it can use on other stations (the company's saying 
> as many as ten more) in years to come.
> s

The radio biz doesn't seem to be improving;  Nassau would have to keep
costs REALLY low to generate a PROFIT that could go toward retiring this


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