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Mon Jun 19 11:54:54 EDT 2006

I know almost nothing about WATD's (or WBOQ's) finances, but I suspect 
that there's two "secret weapons" that WATD has over WBOQ.

First is that Ed Perry is amazingly involved in the local community; not 
just in terms of operation of his station's programming and the usual 
charitable work and his hosting the TIC/RRS in his station...but also in 
terms of all the work he does in frequency coordination for two-way 
radio services, RPU's, fire, police, etc etc etc.  I suspect there's 
some consulting money there...but the real value is that the man is tied 
in very well with the entire community on a wide range of levels - that 
means lots of good advertising contacts.

Second is that AFAIK, WATD owns the tower right near their studio 
building.  I think they own the tower their transmitter is on, too. 
That means they can get tower rent from the former and avoid paying 
tower rent on the latter.   No doubt both help the bottom line quite a bit.

Mind you, I think Ed Perry walks on water and is the best thing since 
sliced bread.  :-)  An awful lot of the stations I work with owe him 
everything they are today!   So I'm very happy to see how well WATD does 
year after year.


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